Latin America: Need to Make Afro-descendant Communities Visible

Suyapa is Garifuna, a Métis people from the Caribbean coast of Central America, mainly from Honduras, where she was born.

For the 57-year-old nun, who has been a religious for the past 34 years, the assembly was just a new stage in her long struggle. All her life, she says, she wanted to help the poorest, “touched in the heart” by the message of John Paul II on the “Civilization of love.”

To prepare for the assembly, Suyapa said, “I have traveled to many Garifuna villages and many people have told me: we are children of the Church, but she often acts as if she is not our mother! Blacks in Latin America do not feel welcome as they are. Because of her indifference, they feel the Church is a mother who rejects her children.”

Source: CRUXNow

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