Live Stream Funeral Fr Ted Feldbrugge MHM

The Funeral of Fr Ted Feldbrugge is scheduled to be live streamed from the chapel of the Mill Hill Missionaries in Oosterbeek, The Netherlands on Friday 12 March starting at 11h00 CET (UTC+1)

You can join the event at: https://vimeo.com/event/771385

Password: Millhill

A tribute

The Mensa Domini Sisters would like to express our sympathy to all the Mill Hill Fathers in Oosterbeek for the loss of Fr. Ted Feldbrugge. We also miss him for he was our Chaplain for many years in Mensa Domini. He visited our communities in other dioceses and vicariates to give conferences, hear confessions,etc. He taught us songs from the liturgy of the hours, Bible Study and many more. He made a booklet for the diocese of Antique on Stewardship and was once a bursar. Fr. Ted helped us a lot in understanding the Bible and other Spiritual Exercises. Fr. Ted is now home in heaven, may he rest in peace!!!

We will follow or watch the live-stream mass on his burial, if there is any. God bless. Sr. Feliza Tumangday

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