Luanda, Kenya – Ordination of Clement Ikhala Kitoli MHM

On 22nd july 2022, Luanda parish was host to a big event; the ordination of 5 young men as priests and 4 as deacons. Among them was Clement Ikhala Kitoli mhm. Everything was set on time and a good number of people arrived early.

Due to the location of venue being away from the main parish church, some people found it challenging locating the place. The bishop started the Mass few minutes to 10am, maybe just to show how he was eager to ordain these young men. The event took place at St. Bakhita Girls High School- Ebusiratsi. This school is always referred to as Mill Hill school.

In his homily, the bishop asked the candidates to be part of the main agenda/manifesto of Christ. He stressed on the dignity of priesthood being above this world. Our society representative Fr. Joe King mhm, speaking on behalf of other superiors, thanked the bishop for accepting to ordain our young men and also recognized the fact that the diocese has come of age and is sending out missionaries in numbers. There was a lot of Isukuti dancing and celebrations after.

Fr. Clement Kitoli is the third Mill Hill Missionary from Kakamega Diocese which was the seat of Mill Hill Missionaries in East Africa. Since Fr. Gabriel Barasa mhm associates with Shauri Moyo Parish in Nairobi, we can rightly say that, Luanda parish becomes the first parish in East Africa to produce two Mill Hill Missionaries as per now. (Fr. Stephen Odhiambo Orombo and Fr. Clement Kitoli).

We want to wish Clement all the best in his mission in Pakistan. As the bishop prayed, we hope that ‘…he will conform his life to the mystery of Christ.’ Long live Mill Hill Society, Long Live Luanda parish.

Francis Makuba mhm

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