Madame Acarie: ‘Too Greedy for Whom God is not Enough’


(Paris-Pontoise 1566-1618)

A woman in the world, wife and mother of six children, who becomes a Carmelite, once widowed, under the name of Sister Marie of the Incarnation: beatified in 1791 by Pope Pius VI, she is celebrated on April 18.

An example of humility, charity, tenacity: Barbe Acarie shows extreme spiritual intuition. Gathering around her the most luminous of theology and mysticism, she introduced Carmel to France at the beginning of the 17th century out of obedience to Saint Teresa of Avila, appearing to her during her prayers.

A man in today’s world, married, father, who becomes a secular Carmelite (lay Carmelite): Xavier follows in those of a remarkable woman, whose family, social, ecclesial and spiritual history is a true treasure of teaching for the incarnation of our own lives. It was by retracing his itinerary, meeting our contemporaries living by his spirituality, that he too became involved in Carmel. Following the example of the Blessed, he experiences a life of fruitful prayer in an active life.

This film, to the homage of a saint, displays the ambition to work for the recognition of her fundamental role in the spiritual and mystical Christian renewal of the world today.

“She’s been through it all! War, illness, ruin, health accidents (…) As a lay person, she found a balance between prayer and action. For the world today, silence and prayer seem like a waste of time. With her, it is the inner life that nourishes the active life. “

Marlène Goulard in Aleteia

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