Malakal, South Sudan: Combining Synodality with Humanitarian Emergency

The people of God in South Sudan’s Malakal Diocese are taking part in the ongoing preparations for the Synod on Synodality despite the humanitarian emergency due to floods, the Local Ordinary of the South Sudanese Diocese has said.

In an interview with ACI Africa, Bishop Stephen Nyodho Ador Majwok underscored the value of the Synodal process, and described it as “an important journey for the people of God.”

“Our concern has been on emergency, humanitarian emergency”, Bishop Nyodho said during the February 19 interview, adding that despite efforts to address threats to livelihoods due to floods, “we continue also to sensitize the faithful about the importance of the Synod, because it is the journey together, the journey of faith with the people of God.”

Source: ACIAfrica

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