Malakal, South Sudan: Floods

The Vicar General of Malakal Diocese since November 2022 emphasized the need for the flood victims to look towards the future with hope in better days, saying, “We shall not be in difficulties forever.”

“God is ever closer to us. God has never abandoned us,” Fr. Bol reiterated, and continued, “People should not see the situation they are going through as completely negative because God is able to bring the best out of the worst.”

Amid life’s challenges, he said, “it does not mean God has abandoned us or we are the worst people and God never thought of us. No, God is always closer to those who have put their trust in Him.”

The member of the Clergy of Malakal Diocese went on to advocate for patience, saying, “We have to be patient and give God a chance to work the best out of our lives and our situation.”

Reflecting on how the floods have affected pastoral activities in the South Sudanese Diocese, Fr. Bol said that the roads have been washed away, making it impossible to access Parishes by car. 

Source: ACIAfrica

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