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Malaysia: Missionary Stewards of Creation

Fr Oniz Kihokolo MHM is Parish Priest for St. Alphonsus’ Parish, Julau. Originally from Uganda, the missionary has created a demonstration garden, where he grows pineapples, sweet potatoes, pawpaws, tomatoes and passion fruit. He also rears rabbits and chickens and uses their natural waste for organic pesticide and fertil

Fr Oniz shared:

“A healthy environment makes a healthy mission. As missionaries we need to be in touch with nature … we read the signs of the times.”

The whole parish is involved in minimising waste and becoming self sufficient. Parish volunteer Josephine explained that the parish kitchen is becoming greener by replacing plastic plates and cups with reusable ones made of stainless steel.  Members of the Legion of Mary and some of the young people in the parish grow flowers in recycled tyres for Parish functions, rather than buying in cut ones. The youth of the parish also run a recycling centre for plastic and tins.

Source: Missio UK

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