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Malindi: Bishop Willybard Lagho on Safeguarding Initiatives

“The Diocese has put up measures such as rescuing children who are living with abusive parents and guardians and taking them through counselling services. We also talk to members of their families and ensure they are integrated back to their communities,” said Bishop Lagho.

The Kenyan Diocese also runs ‘Pope Francis Rescue Home’, a children rescue center the Diocese put up in partnership with Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa (MSOLA) to help rehabilitate child victims of sexual abuse and other forms of exploitation in the region.

According to Bishop Lagho, the rescue home has handled more than 500 cases since its inception in 2015 with tens of perpetrators in those cases being convicted to jail terms.

Source: ACIAfrica

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  1. I would like to compliment Bishop Willybard Lagho on his Safeguarding initiatives in the Diocese of Malindi. It is great that over 500 children have been helped to deal with child sexual abuse and other forms of abuse through the outreach programme of caring and helping children to emerge from the scars of that abuse. It is also encouraging that he tells us that since 2015 many perpetrators in those cases of child sexual abuse have been convicted to jail terms. I hope that the Mill Hill Missionaries in Kenya and in the Diocese of Malindi give their full support to the bishop in this wonderful initiative. The initiative shows us that Safeguarding of Children is part of Mission in Ministry Worldwide and needs to be front and centre of “that they may have life in abundance”.

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