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Malindi, Kenya: Diocesan Administrator Fr Albert Buijs MHM Launches Humanitarian Response to Covid-19

On the same day of the interview, the Diocesan Administrator of Malindi, Fr. Albert Buijs MHM officially launched the humanitarian response, which saw CJPC donate items to 90 families for a start.

The targeted beneficiaries are drawn from across the diocese located in Kilifi County, one of Kenya’s COVID-19 hotspots. It is one of the four Counties put on a 21-day partial lockdown by Kenya’s President, Uhuru Kenyatta.

The select beneficiaries of the humanitarian assistance in Malindi diocese include the “most vulnerable” such as the orphaned, the elderly who are neglected, the widows and widowers, and those living with disabilities.

“Even under normal circumstances, these people are vulnerable,” Mr. Mpuria said and added in reference to the Catholic diocese of Malindi, “The church has been helping those most affected even when we did not have the pandemic; so now you can imagine how the situation is; it is very desperate because people were not prepared for it.”

Source: ACIAfrica

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