Malindi, Kenya: Journeying with Elijah

Mill Hill Missionaries in Malindi Diocese have finished their eight-day Annual retreat in Watamu, Kenya, along the beautiful beach of the Indian ocean. The members were Fr Albert Buijs, Fr Michael Ochwo, and Br Franz Bischof, all from St Francis Xavier parish Kisumu Ndogo and myself, Fr Alexander Kimbi, and our two MEP students, Michael and Christopher from St Joseph Freinademetz parish Witu. Frs Raju and Ananth were not present because of other commitments but were all united in prayer.

 In Journeying with the prophet Elijah, the retreat director Fr Thomas Deshi, SJ, took Members on a spiritual journey noting points in the life of Elijah when he was courageous to stand before King Ahab, to being humbled and fed by ravens. Moments of discovering how powerful and spectacular God was through the fire at Mount Carmel to moments of fear, and then to moments of finding out that he could hear God in Calmness on Mount Horeb 

Members return to their parishes with renewed enthusiasm.

Fr Alexander Kimbi MHM

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