Malindi, Kenya: Mission on the Go

On the 25th of February 2022, Mill Hill Missionaries i.e members of St Joseph’s Missionary Society and the Franciscan Missionaries of St Joseph working in the Catholic Diocese of Malindi in Kenya gathered In Witu Parish. This coming together was to revive a tradition that existed amongst Mill Hillers in Malindi diocese where members come together to share their mission experiences and encourage one another in mission.

This year 3 main things were considered for the Meeting; Meeting in Witu for sharing and knowing each other. This was planed for the 25th of February 2022.

26th of Feb was a day for visiting Lamu parish which is now headed by Fr Rudai, our Mill Hiller from India and visiting the grave or Our late Br Brian who was killed few years back in Lamu.

On  Sunday  the 27th of February 2022, The team will be heading to Kipini for the official opening of a Sub Parish in Kipini With Fr. Ananth Nayak as the first moderator.

Continue praying for Mill Hill Missionaries at the coast of Kenya. 

Fr Alexander Kimbi MHM

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