Mamfe , Cameroon: Priestly Ordination of Rev Roger Chwenkam Chuante MHM . 

Rev Roger Chwenkam Chuante has been ordained a priest. This ceremony took place on Friday 24th June 2022 at the St Joseph’s Cathedral, Mamfe. This ordination was massively attended by Christians of Mamfe Cathedral, Kembong and Okoyong. Saints Peter and Paul’s Choir Okoyong animated during the Mass.  There were over 39 priests in attendance from Mamfe diocese and beyond. 

In his homily, the Ordaining Minister, Mgr Aloysius Fondong the Bishop of Mamfe Diocese, stated that this ordination had a double significance.

The first being that this was his first ordination in his ministry as Bishop just 49 days after being made a Bishop. Secondly because this ordination took place in the context of the centenary celebration of the Mill Hill Missionaries in Cameroon. He revealed that the Mill Hill Missionaries had created a parish each in Okoyong, Mbeta and Mamfe Town. 

To Rev Fr Roger, he told him that accepting to be ordained a priest means he is willing to fulfil God’s work and also to carry the Word of God, the Mercy of God and the Bread of Life to the people. The bishop urged Fr Roger to always be a happy priest no matter the circumstances and challenging moments of life. He invited the Christian people to pray for him to be successful in his missionary work.

At the end of the Mass, the Society’s Representative to Cameroon, Fr Innocent Akum made a speech and thanked the entire diocese for their support during the Centenary Year.

At the end of Mass, the Bishop offered three special gifts (all the way from Rome) to Fr Roger which are; a Pix, a Rosary and the picture of the Pope.

Fr Roger Chuante has been appointed to St Charles Lwanga Parish, Mbikko, diocese of Lugazi, Uganda.

Anthony Ndang Ndichia MHM. Friends of Mill Hill Cameroon

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