Mary among Asian Religions

It seems paradoxical that in an intra-Christian setting, Mary has always been viewed as an obstacle to the mutual understanding between Catholics and Protestants, whereas in many inter-religious milieus, Mary tends to be very much a unifying symbol. Mary stands as an inter-religious bridge that brings together the most diverse devotees.

It was this role of Mary as an inter-religious bridge in Asia that encouraged the Centre for Marian Studies (UK) and the Initiative for the Study of Asian Catholics (Singapore) to organize an online research conference on: “More Universal Than Catholicism? Mary Among Asian Religions.”

The May 10-12 conference will gather several scholars who investigate the many ways Mary is understood in Asia and in places where Asian emigrants spread their Marian devotions. What are the ritual practices, festivals, and artistic expressions related to Mary and what is her position in tourism discourse and practice?

Source: UCANews

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