Mbikko, Uganda: Celebrating Saint Joseph

Saturday March 19th, Solemnity of St Joseph our principal Patron, Mill Hill Missionaries from around central Uganda gathered at St Karoli Lwanga  Mbikko Parish to celebrate together. During the event we celebrated the lives of two gallant missionaries who had worked tirelessly in East Africa and both died within 24hours; Fr Christy Fox who was once our Soc Rep and also founding Father of the Philosophy Centre Jinja, and Fr. Hans Burgman who worked in Kisuma among the urban poor, setting up the Kisumu Urban Apostolae Program. May they receive eternal reward from the Lord of the harvest.

The day was also a moment of thanksgiving for Fr Joe King’s 10 years of priesthood.

The Eucharistic celebration began with the unveiling of the statue of St Joseph built outside the Church in Mbikko. It was presided over by the Society Representative, Rev Joe King, and attended by over five hundred people among whom were some Christians from Mbikko Parish, Friends of Mill Hill, our Students and staff from the Formation House Jinja and a good number of priests friends from around Jinja and Lugazi.. During the celebration, two of our Temporary Members Valeriano Ochwo and Paul Kato, Pune Theology Students studying from Jinja, renewed their Temporary Oath in the Society. One of them, Paul Kato, received the ministry of Lector and Two (Paul Masereka and Valeriano Ochwo) were admitted to the ministry of Acolyte.

The homily was delivered by Mgsr Expedito Magembe from Bukalango Prayer Mountain who dwelt on the life of St Joseph as Protector and intercessor for us all. He reminded us of the holiness of Joseph’s life as a result of his closeness to Jesus. His closeness with Jesus whom he taught virtually everything and even how to pray, should inspire us to seek his intercession every moment of our lives. He was very charismatic as always in his reflection and made the celebration very lively and prayerful.

The day ended with a reception and lunch at our new Mill Hill House in Bujowali, Njeru Mbikko on the shores of River Nile.

Fr Joseph King Afumaboh MHM

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