Mental health: A Growing Concern Worldwide

Mental health issues arise because of a variety of reasons: stress, depression, loneliness, anxiety, deaths in the family, mood disorders and various other mental illnesses. Feelings of deprivation, of financial loss, major health issues, moving to a new place, retirement and several such stressful events can leave a person vulnerable to depression.

Many of these are lifestyle ailments, that is, they are caused by the irreversible change of social behavior patterns of modern living.

Modern life, whatever benefits it has brought some of us, is also fast-paced, hectic and stressful. It values success, especially financial success, as its main goal.

It is also more individualistic and disdains relationships with family and kin, in spite of knowing that it is our relatives who provide the emotional buffer in life’s various tragedies.

No wonder the growing incidence of mental illness, or emotional breakdown, expresses itself in depression and violent paranoia.

Source: UCANews

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