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Greetings for a grace filled Lenten season!

As we journey through a new season of lent (40 days), we become more aware of the true purpose of our Christian calling.

I greatly rejoice when I hear your testimony about the spiritual gifts you have received for your family and personal life from JESUS CHRIST our LORD, through the powerful intercession of ST. JOSEPH, the head of THE HOLY FAMILY.

As St. Joseph was a man of faith, he was able to recognize THE PRESENCE OF GOD in all his life situations.

This realization enabled him to be joyful even in the trying circumstances of daily living.

So also, we are privileged to participate and encounter THE LIVING CHRIST IN THE HOLY EUCHARIST and carry HIS PRESENCE into all our daily life situations with HIS PRESENCE bringing us peace and joy.

This is to inform you that on 1st April 2020, I will be transferred and in my place a new director, Rev. Fr. Poulson Pasala mhm, will take over this ministry.

I take this opportunity to acknowledge with heartfelt gratitude, your love and support through the last six years of ministry among you.

Kindly cooperate with Rev. Fr. Poulson Pasala in this ministry that he may be joyful in his service to THE LORD.

Fr Vincent Porathur mhm

Mill Hill Calling

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