Mill Hill Formation Nairobi: Celebrating St. Joseph

Last Friday was the feast of St Patrick. It marked my 11th year as a perpetual member of St Joseph’s Missionary Society, having taken my perpetual oath on St Patrick’s Day. We had a chance to celebrate our family day as Mill Hill Missionaries of the Formation Centre in Nairobi. On this day, 10 of our brothers renewed their missionary commitment as temporary members of the Society.  In attendance were the Mill Hill Nairobi cluster members, Mill Hill Sisters and our neighbour religious communities on the estate.

The liturgy was presided over by Fr. Liam Durant mhm. It was coming at the end of the week in which we had been reflecting on the theme; St. Joseph, our role model, and just concluded novena to St. Joseph. Fr. Liam in his homily presented to us St. Joseph as the only model we require. Speaking to those to renew their oath, he asked them to emulate St. Joseph and follow him closely in his joys and sorrows.

We thank God for the gift of St. Joseph to our society and the Church at large. We ended our evening with a common meal and dance. How good it is to live together as brothers and sisters.

Francis Makuba mhm

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