8th December 2019

Mill Hill Missionaries: Africa Cluster Meeting

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This year’s Africa cluster meeting was held in Mill Hill House Nairobi from the 4th of 8th November 2019, attended by all the 5 Area leaders of our mission in Africa.  Also in attendance was the General Superior and Councillor for Africa. The leaders gathered were able to present reports on how our members in the respective countries are living out the Society’s mission priorities and also to evaluate the implementation of resolutions arrived at in previous meetings. The meeting noted with satisfaction the enormous progress made in identifying and establishing new mission openings for the Society. These new missions are now served by our growing number of new members. A number of emerging challenges were also raised and members exchanged ideas on how to deal with them.

As we approach the Chapter, the African Cluster meeting this year took time to discuss and make a number of recommendations for discussion at the Chapter. In areas such as Formation, Governance, Mission to the West, Self-sustenance and others.

This was the last Africa Cluster Meeting before the Society holds its Chapter in June 2020.

Andrew Mukulu mhm

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