Mill Hill Missionaries Ireland: St. Joseph’s Advocate Spring 2020

I am a Mill Hill Missionary priest from Cameroon. I arrived in Ireland in September 2019 to do a formation ministry course for a year. I have been resident in our House in Dublin where I live with Irish Mill Hill colleagues who have been on the missions for many years in all the continents of the world. I would like to pay tribute to those who have had (and continue to have) a direct impact on my life.

As I interact daily with them, I realize how greatly privileged I am to sit at their feet, listening and learning from their experience and wisdom. Their presence and sharing awakens in me my commitment to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ with renewed enthusiasm. I am therefore thankful 12to God for this honour. I am a direct product of the incredible service of Irish Mill Hill Missionaries in Africa. These missionaries left the security of their families, friends and home church, and fearlessly went to distant lands unknown to them. There, welcomed or unwelcomed, they earnestly and persistently proclaimed the Good News of Jesus Christ. They lived very simple lives as they offered tremendous services to God’s people. They remained true to their vocation of being “Baptised and sent” and fulfilling “Christ’s mission on earth, ” with zeal.

Fr Emmanuel Nzenze Epie mhm in ‘They nurtured my faith and vocation’

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