Mill Hill Missionaries Scotland: Advocate Spring 2023

In this edition of the Advocate we have an interesting interview with Mr Tom O’Neill of Clydebank who is a former Mill Hill Associate who worked in both the Philippines (with Fr John Doran) and in our mission in Sudan(now the Republic of South Sudan).

Our former pope, Benedict XV1 died 31 December 2022 and I thought it good to offer you an article written by Andrea Tornielli, Joseph Ratzinger and Faith as a Journey. In a phrase quoted by Pope Francis in the Joy of the Gospel. Emeritus Pope Benedict says, to paraphrase, that we are Christians not because we have read a book or thought deeply about life but “because of an encounter with a Person who gives life a new horizon and a decisive direction”. (Prologue to God is Love)

Excerpt Editorial Bernard Fox MHM, Editor

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