Mill Hill Sisters Elect New Congregational Leadership Team

Over the past three days, as you know, we have been discerning who will lead us into the next 6 years as our Congregational Leaders. Saturday was a day of discernment and prayer led by Sister Cath which prepared us well for the election of our Congregational Leader, Sister Anne Moore.

Sr Anne Moore FMSJ

Today we also prayerfully reflected as we went through the process of electing our Congregational assistant, Sister Margaret Nyabongoye and the other members of the Congregational Leadership team, Sister Annjentrix Mukhavali, Sister Frances Slater and  Sister Brenda Makokha.  

Front:Srs Margaret Nyabongoye and Anne Moore
Back: Srs Annjentrix Mukavali, Frances Slater, Brenda Makokha

As you can imagine, the Africa Region came well prepared to celebrate in Kenyan style and even gifted the outgoing members of the previous leadership team with lovely Kenyan gifts!

Sr Joan Kerley FMSJ

The Mill Hill Missionaries extend their heartfelt congratulations of the new leadership team of the Sister Congregation!!

Michael Corcoran, general superior of the Mill Hill Missionaries writes:

“I extend my congrats. to Anne on her election as congregational leader and look forward to journeying together over the coming years.

My thanks to you for our ‘walking together’ and continuing our mission given by the ‘Highest Authority’”.

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