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Mill Hill Sisters in Ecuador

Sisters Nuala, Rosemary and Yenny serve in a parish in Puerto Quito, Ecuador. The parish has 90 recintos, or outstations, and several days a week Nuala lives in one of them in a place called Buenos Aires. She writes about her ministry there: “I coordinate catechesis, give prebaptism talks, pre communion talks to parent and God parents. We are preparing the recintos for Santas Misiones Populares which will be a parish mission and so I give premission talks. Part of the preparation involves visiting families in the recintos and animating our active groups in the parish to become missionaries. I also teach English and am running a group of Christian drama, called Manos del Evangelio. It is for children 8 years and above. I also assist Padre at the masses. We have reopened 2 chapels that have been closed for years in two recintos and Rosemary and I are visiting families to encourage them to come back. We also visit the sick with Communion.”

Both Sister Yenny and Sister Rosemary do similar work in other parts of the parish as well as assist families in building simple houses with donations that people here have given.

Sister Frances Slater lives in Quito where she works with sisters in Religious Congregations, offering counselling and educational programmes for the sisters.

“The four of us here we are doing well, sister Frances is in Quito and three of us here. The country is controlled by traffic lights: Red, Yellow and Green. Where the number of Covid-19 has reduced, people can interact and are given code Yellow,  and where the number of cases have increased it is code Red. Some areas like Daule are almost in Green. In Puerto Quito we now are in Yellow, and the people have opened their small businesses. A week ago I was tested for Covid-19 and was negative. I was tested together with other people who work in the municipality, because we were in contact with a girl whose father had Covid-19.”

Sr Yenny Arce fmsj



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