Mission – Documentary on Ethiopian ‘Acts of the Apostles’..

Omorate is the Acts of the Apostles lived today. Paul dreamed of a Macedonian man who asked: Cross over to us and help us. That is how the evangelization of Europe began. Father Goesh travelled through these lands, from Kenya to Adigrad, and met the Dassanech tribe, still battling with local tribes, with whom no one had dared enter into a dialogue.

He felt that he should try to live in this difficult land. Both were convinced that God was sending them to unknown lands and peoples, with whom they had to find a common language, in order to bring them the good news that also brings peace. Such places and such people beg us to ask ourselves: do we also have this ardour, anxiety, for those beyond the reach of the Gospel? And do we, who live in peace and comfort, care for people who continue to experience such great marginalization and poverty? Omorate provokes both delight and reflection. I hope that our film also.

Soource: Crux

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