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‘Mission of Compassion’ – Pope Francis Message for World Mission Day

Amid this pandemic, underlines the Pope, “when there is a temptation to disguise and justify indifference and apathy in the name of healthy social distancing, there is urgent need for the mission of compassion, which can make that necessary distancing an opportunity for encounter, care and promotion.”

In our present circumstances, he continues, “there is an urgent need for missionaries of hope who, anointed by the Lord, can provide a prophetic reminder that no one is saved by himself.”

Pope Francis describes the theme of this year’s World Mission Day as a summons to each of us to ‘own’ and to bring to others what we bear in our hearts… “I like to think that ‘even those who are most frail, limited and troubled can be missionaries in their own way, for goodness can always be shared, even if it exists alongside many limitations.”

Source: ICN

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