Mission Sunday: Linet Living out her Mission in Kibera

Linet lives in Kibera, Kenya – the biggest ‘slum’ in Africa. Despite the huge challenges of living in poverty, Linet continues to live out her mission: rescuing and adopting children who are at risk from abuse, neglect, and life on the streets. Here she shares how her faith, and the friendship of Sister Mary and the Church community, are helping her get through difficult times and keep her children safe:

My name is Linet. I work as a casual labourer, and sometimes as a receptionist. I also clean rental houses, ready for people to move in.

I am a proud mother of three: two boys and a girl who are my biological children. I also have other kids that I take care of. I have twelve adopted kids, who are orphans, abandoned or homeless. So altogether I care for 15. But I am not alone in this, Sister Mary helps me and my faith gives me the courage to carry on.

Source: Missio

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