Mission Sunday, Missionary Month, Missionary Impulse!

Prayer and Solidarity – “Partnership in crime”:

On this the 60th Anniversary of Aggiornamento – Vatican II;

On this the recurring Month of Mission awareness;

 On this the Month of the Rosary – Marian Devotion;

 On this the Month of so many great missionary and revolutionary saints:

Therese, guardian Angels, Francis of Assissi, Faustina, Paulinus, Comboni;

John XXIII, Wilfrid, Edward, Callistus, John de Brébeuf, Teresa, Paul of the Cross,

John Paul II, Welsh Martyrs, Anthony Mary Claret, Chad, Colman, Teresa, Ignatius of Antioch, Luke, Simon, Jude…  Infinitely imitable.  Graces multiplied, shared, spread – Divine Providence!

This the Month of Mission and World Mission Sunday always elates us with so much recollection – from the quantum leaps of Pentecost and Vatican II, through the subtle Synodal processes – to ….

What fulfilment to be reminded that the Church exists to Evangelize, to Worship and to Care for the Poor (including the Environment)!

What joy to recall Maximum Illud of Benedict XV that all the Baptized are called to be Missionaries – And that Evangelization is not synonymous to colonization!

What joy to be a for/with/in mission – how lovely on the mountain are the feet of they who bring Good News, announcing peace, proclaiming news of Happiness – that our God reigns:

That we are called to PRAY, BE CHARITABLE, VOLUNTEER, HAND ON THE FAITH to our children, grandchildren, school children; and to OFFER UP OUR SUFFERINGS in sacrifice with Christ for the salvation of souls and the alleviation of the sufferings of others.

What pain to feel, hear and see the evil in the world – bombshells or eggshells!

What shock to chat with someone in the city or village who has never heard about Jesus Christ –

About His saving deeds and Mysterious or Sacramental presence in the world?

What solidarity to tune in to all the sufferings and violence of the world –

The spiritual and physical bondage in every continent: the natural, political, moral, ideological catastrophes.

We resonate with all the sacrifices, goodness and love shared, echoed, evoked and propelled!

Our hearts, prayers and resources go out to those in Ethiopia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Cameroon, DRC, Uganda, India, Ukraine….

It is better to light a candle than to course the darkness – Mother Teresa

The joy of missionary impulse – of selflessness, of altruism, Christlikeness, compassion – solidarity!

Emmanuel Mbeh.

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