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Mission to the North – A Poetic Reflection

“Mission to the East, Mission to the South, Mission to the West, Mission to the North” –
So went my lyrics !

The Artic, here we come! Sunderland and New Castle, here we come!
Burn Hall and Durham, we won’t let you go! London and England, the womb of MHM!
Sentiments and nostalgia of decades of studying and commissioning!
Some day we will hear from our Regional or Superior or veteran from the North about the same!
We will hear or read and savour why the North is special to us, from antiquity to posterity!
Our archives will relay to us the baton of tremendous faith, study and mission from the North!

Faith and Mission” is even a Department (like Evangelization) in this Diocese with seasonal daily reflections about the same!

Faith and Mission seduced you and me like Jeremiah, Woityła, Elijah, Comboni, Francis and
Like Bede, Bosco, Aidan, Augustine, Hilda, Cuthbert, Aelred, Anthony, Paul, Benedict, Bonaventure…!
Faith and Mission ad intra and ad extra impelled and propelled you, me, us to Karamoja, to Cambodia, to Karunapuram, to Kikaikilaki!
Faith and Mission from Jerusalem to Rome, from Europe to America and Africa and Asia and versa –
From Bamenda, Kakamega, India, Malaysia to wherever the spirit and the wind blow!

Faith and Mission in the North, from the North, to the North!

Here we are in St Mary’s and St Cecilia’s – Our Lady of Mercy Parish!
Here we are, called and sent, two for a start – bini et bini!
Here we are, like joyful messengers, lovely on the mountains, with feet of Good News!
Here we are to pray, to teach, to lead, to serve, to love, to suffer (with)!

Here we are in the pandemic, locked down, knocked down like many but never knocked out!

Sunderland, a simple profound city of education, eloquence and etiquette!
Sunderland, a parish of prayer, poverty and prudence!
Sunderland, a mission to the origin, a mission to the artic, a mission of benevolence!
Sunderland, cold, wet, frosty and feeble!
Sunderland, glittering, dotted, gracious and glorious!
Here to serve! Here to love! Here to feed! Here to pray! Here to lead!

Mission to the North, Mission to the Artic! A Mission of compassion!
No greater mission than daily Eucharistic fervour;
Than attending to the homeless poor, the Lazarus’ and the Jesus’ at the door with the same!
No greater mission than cooking and cleaning, praying and meditating with and for the people;
Than answering phone calls and door bells with the same fervour!
The mission of presence, the mission of prayer, the mission with masks in the North!

The Mission of Mercy, the Mission of Safeguarding, the Mission of Silence with Mary and Joseph!
Mission in the Church, mission on the streets, mission with the poor and the needy!

(Emmanuel Mbeh mhm, 31st January 2021, St John Bosco, pray for us).

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