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Month of May: Meditations on Mary in Scripture 3 – Nativity

Towards the end of our passage from St Luke today we have that phrase that I’m sure is something of an understatement, that Mary considered what she had heard about Jesus and was ‘pondering them in her heart.’ I’m sure she had an awful lot to ponder. How much did she manage to make sense of? Much of her life must have been spent wondering what to make of all the events and prophecies concerning Jesus.

Much of what she hears about her son have her worrying of possible dangers that might befall him. Right from the start things don’t seem to be working out how she would have planned them. A journey of a number of days when nine months pregnant, and then, rather than have the child at home, she gave birth in a stranger’s stable. Then a raggle-taggle crowd of shepherds turn up with their excited chatter.

Yet, overall Mary may well have had the sense that whatever strange things were happening, God was in charge.

Source: Jesuits in Britain

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