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Month of May: Meditations on Mary in Scripture 2 – Visitation

The Gospel leaves so much detail out. For example, it is extremely unlikely that a teenage woman like Mary would have made the dangerous journey from Nazareth to Judea of many days walk alone. Was Mary sent by her family to help the older woman in the later stages of her pregnancy or was she acting out of curiosity after the message of the angel? Taking into account the message of the angel that Elizabeth was six months pregnant, then Mary must have stayed until just after the birth of John. How did she react to his birth?

Although we cannot definitively know the answer to the questions above, we can ask that God inspire our imagination to fill out the story in the way that helps us to understand. Not that this could be thought of as the way it actually happened, just that it brings us to realise something about these events that God wishes us to see and feel.

After all, the birth or a child is an emotional time for many who are caught up in it.

Soource: Jesuits in Britain

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