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‘Moral Injury’ – A Reflection on Today’s Status Quo

Emmanuel Mbeh mhm

So much happening every day and everywhere – deaths, births, politicking, floods, fires, locusts, wars, viruses, discoveries, fun, song and dance, sleep and work, prayer and penance, love and lust, peace and joy, anger and fear –  And so much written and reported about the same, and so much done to lament, alleviate or aggravate the same.

I hear and read and see and feel and smell about Moral Injury or Cesspit of misery; and one novelist boldly voiced that you cannot avoid pain in life, but you can suffering – victimhood.  Moral Injury is one thing, emotional pain is another, spiritual injury is one thing, physical pain another – the damage of trauma, the unavoidable misfortunes.

What a world we live in and what pain we endure! Thanks to resilience and faith, to patience and various coping mechanisms!  From the first fall after Creation through the Old Testament; from Antiquity through the New Testament; from the Passion of Christ to the sufferings people endure – it’s all moral Injury and the cesspit of misery versus arrogant complacencies and sadistic hedonism.

The breaking of the Ten Commandments give rise to wars, violence, hatred, murders and sufferings. From our heads and minds and hearts, all our bodies get broken.  From watching our loved ones, neigh bours, victims of misfortunes, our broken hearts, messed up minds, crushed spirits and tarnished emotions, we all carry injury after injury to Calvary and to the grave. We smile and cry, we boast and despair and show how we can be brave.

We forgive or seek revenge, we brood or try to bless; we pray not to be burnt out by moral, physical, spiritual or emotional injuries – we need healing, we need peace!  We are wounded healers, nursing our wounds and looking out to be called out to heal others’ wounds; wounds in our homes, wounds in our families; wounds in our parishes, wounds in our communities; wounds in our society and country and continents!

We can manage our injuries, the damage of trauma through our daily meditations and annual retreats; or through overindulgences and addictions.  We cannot avoid pain in this life but we can manage unnecessary suffering.  We can bare unavoidable suffering and refuse to despair and never lose sight of the ultimate and eternal triumph of love, peace, life, goodness and light over hatred, wars, death, evil and darkness.

We can learn, pray, practice, teach, preach and help save others – we, doctors, nurses, parents, pastors, teachers, media, missionaries, religious, Christians and all people of goodwill.  May our injuries never crush our spirits, emotions, morals or bodies even onto death!  Even if they do, may we embrace them in view of eternal life and eternal rewards from our Creator and Redeemer who had a plan for us before the world began.

As the holy season of Lent begins, may our daily and weekly Stations of the Cross, the Lenten hymns and melodies facilitate our union with Christ who suffers and dies to purge away our sins, to heal us by his wounds and to empower us in our life’s struggle against evil, sin, darkness, hatred and death.

In view of eternal life, all earthly sufferings are like a bad night in a hotel; – Mother Teresa.

All you saints, martyrs and champions over various injuries – orate pro nobis!

Emmanuel Mbeh mhm

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