Nairobi, Kenya: City Clean-up Ahead of World Environment Day

Prior to World Environment Day (WED) marked annually on June 5, an eco-friendly non-profit Organization in Kenya dubbed Nairobi Recyclers (NAREC) are set to clean part of the country’s capital to help in restoration of the ecosystem that has been destroyed.

Sharing with AMECEA Online under the 2021 theme “ecosystem restoration,” the Coordinator of a community based environmental conservation Mr. Stanley Didi disclosed that the NAREC group in collaborations with youth groups, organizations, friends and members of the community have organized to collect garbage and transport them for disposal to designated sites.

“We have identified eight mini dumping sites in western part of the city, where we are going to do some cleaning by collecting garbage and dispose them properly,” Mr. Didi narrated during the Thursday, June 3, interview.

“Through this activity, we will protect our environment from pollution, stench and keep it clean,” explains Mr. Didi who is also an animator with the Global Catholic Climate Movement (GCCM).

Source: AMECEA

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