Nairobi, Kenya: Covid Millionaires

It has been quite some time since I contributed to this blog. It is my sincere hope that you are all well and slowly recovering from the great confusion of Covid-19.

Here in Kenya we are not sure whether to say things are better or worse. Indeed they are better compared to how they were before end of June. At that time many people were under stress and cases of suicide and domestic violence on the rise. After the lifting of the cessation of movement and people being free to move around the country, many people felt a great relief but the Ministry of Health says the Covid-19 19 cases in the country skyrocketed after the lifting of cessation of movement. As I write, the number of cases is above 32,000 with more than 500 deaths and the recoveries at close to 19,000. It is simply a mixed blessing for Kenyans.

One thing we thank God for is the fact that critical cases have not been on the rise, and so hospitals have never really been overwhelmed. We really hope for the best now that for a few consecutive days, the Ministry has been reporting reduced cases. Actually in as many months for the first time, the ministry reported less than two hundred cases yesterday.

The big discussion in the country is no longer about the rise ing Covid-19 cases but on the ‘misuse of millions of dollars’ that the country received to help mitigate the effects of Covid-19. That has practically captured headlines especially after the exposure on one of the local television stations about the lost billions titled ‘The Covid millionaires’ two weeks ago. The top officials from the Ministry of Health were summoned by the senate committee on the Covid-19 to explain what they knew about the scandal. Sorry to say we don’t expect much from that.

As far as worship is concerned, we thank God we have been allowed to assembly in our churches for the last one month. We do this under strict conditions. We have to keep one and half meter social distance, wash and sanitize and keep masks on. We have done our best and appreciate the cooperation of our Christians. We thank God for that positive step. We commend all that is starting to happen in the hands of God almighty. Together we shall overcome.

Fr. Francis Makuba

St. Joseph and Mary Parish.

Shauri Moyo, Nairobi

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