12th July 2020

Nairobi, Kenya: Lay Person to Head Tangaza University College

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The Mill Hill Missionaries are a member congregation of Tangaza University College (TUC). Students at the St Joseph’s Formation House in Nairobi receive their theological training at TUC.

“I am so delighted, and to say the truth I am thrilled that I happened to be the first lay person to have the chance to lead such a prestigious group of people; 22 religious congregations, each with some of its own kind of background but have come together to work, I am delighted,” Professor Wang’ombe told ACI Africa in an exclusive interview Friday, November 29.

“I have never been to a seminary and I think it is by God’s choice that I take the responsibility of a lay person leading religious people,” Prof. Wang’ombe who has been working at Strathmore University for about 17 years added.

Source: ACI

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