Nairobi, Kenya: ‘Our Help is in the Lord!’

How is the world at large? Probably coronavirus is gone. For 3 months now the coronavirus pandemic has taken over news in Kenya. Practically no news without coronavirus news. The number of cases going up day after day. As I write, we have 3,305 cases reported in Kenya.

What is surprising is the way people now view the whole issue of corona. They are forced to act like it is not with us. Especially with the disappointment they faced last Saturday 6/6/20 when the president in his speech failed to lift the lockdown or curfew but extended it by another 30 days. Life seems to be slowly returning to normal. It is not unusual to see people without masks, there have been several political rallies by politicians, funerals attended by many people, full markets and matatus (public vehicles) filled as usual without regard to any health guidelines.

We understand all this is because many people have faced it rough. They have been treated ‘abnormally’ by economic situation they are facing. We visited a family nearby where we witnessed the changed family situations. They could afford only one meal which we shared with them, when formerly they could afford three meals without problem. Indeed many have lost their source of livelihood and the Government has shown that it is not possible to provide basic needs to the people. Looking at how things are moving on in Kenya, it is only the Church gatherings that are not taking place.

As much as the hope of many Kenyans lies with the president, who is expected to address the nation on 7/7/20 and announce re-opening of the country, we may say, the true hope of Kenyans is in the name of the Lord who made heaven and earth. May the Lord listen to the silent prayers of the Kenyan population.

Francis Makuba mhm

Shauri Moyo


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