Nairobi, Kenya – Twelve Young Mill Hill Missionaries Ordained Deacons


            What marvels the Lord worked for us! Indeed we are glad. The Mill Hill Society is blessed to have been nourished by God who in his goodness has called twelve young men from different parts of the world to serve him through the Mill Hill Society. On Friday 23rd September 2022, these twelve men committed themselves to love and serve God through the Perpetual Missionary Oath of Mill Hill at the St Joseph’s Formation Centre Nairobi. The mass was officiated by the Very Rev. Fr. Philip Adede Amek, Councillor for Africa of the Mill Hill Missionaries.

Fr. Philip focused his homily on our principal patron saint Joseph.  He pointed out that our very way of life is the first witness we bear as Christians.  To the candidates, he reminded them that the perpetual oath is a commitment first to God, then the Society and also individual selves out of freewill and choice.  Gratitude and humility is to be at the basis of every motivation in mission.  One very key issue that Fr Philip stressed was that as Missionaries, we do not bring God to people but we discover God who is already present in the people, and our duty is to encourage people to celebrate the presence of God in their own lives. As pastoral agents, we share with others our awareness of God in our lives and are ready to listen and be taught by their own experiences of God.

The Oath was witnessed by Fr. Dominic Nyachoti MHM and Fr. Francis Makuba MHM.  As their rector, Fr. Dominic advised the new members to always and everywhere celebrate life and above all practice apostolic charity in their missionary work.  

These twelve young men are (from left to right); ERIC Njume Njume (Cameroon), REAGAN Daniel Bangamodjo (DRC), NELSON Zang Kum Ntsam (Cameroon), JOSEPH Kindong Yong (Cameroon), JOSEPH Emeru(Uganda), Fr Philip Adede (General Councillor for Africa), CELESTINE Suliy Kiven (Cameroon), CAMILLE Loola P. Prince (DRC), KINGSLEY N. Botambu (Cameroon), ELVOST Lunchi (Malaysia), MARCELLINUS Chibeh Chia (Cameroon), CONRAD Yong Akong (Cameroon), COLLINS Ndifor (Cameroon), Fr. Dominic Nyachoti (Rector) and Joe King (the society representative Kenya and Uganda)

The new perpetual members were on Saturday 24th September ordained deacons at the St Joseph the Worker Cathedral, Ngong.  The pontifical mass was presided over by His Excellency Archbishop Hubertus Matheus Maria Van Megen, the Apostolic Nuncio to Kenya and South Sudan, assisted by Bishop John Oballa Owaa, Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Ngong. Thirty one priests concelebrated the mass.  The nuncio noted that the candidates have worked so hard to come this far and like the disciples of Christ who came from different backgrounds but united in mission, the twelve candidates have now formed a new group whose goal is mission. They are now part of a new family which follows the footsteps of Christ.  The candidates were encouraged to always trust in the Lord who tells us not to be afraid.

The keynote of the nuncio’s homily stressed on the diaconate ministry as a service of love that is wary of ‘wolves’ within the church. He strongly encouraged the candidates to avoid worldly pursuits and groups among the clergy that perpetuate cynicism and detract from the joy of Mission.  The candidates were further reminded that they should be prepared for appointments to very difficult areas. These appointments are to be taken as opportunities for growth.  

The celebration ended with joy and gratitude to God for such blessings of new young missionaries from Cameroon, DRC, Uganda and Malaysia.

Congratulations to our new deacons.

Mbah Clovis Temoh, student 2nd cycle, Nairobi.

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