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New Book: Acts of the Apostles – A Reading for Mission

Fr Tom also spoke about his life as a Columban missionary, saying, “I have lived through quite a bit of transition and change in my 53 years as a Columban missionary priest.” This included being one of the first six Columbans to start a new Columban mission in Pakistan in 1979. After school in Portlaoise he went to the Columbans at Dalgan Park in 1961. “The Second Vatican Council had just started and it was a time when the Church was exploring how to preach the Christian message in changing times,” he said; “so, after the Vatican Council, a new model of mission started to emerge, and a new way of looking at mission, and a new way of doing mission.”

He reported writing the book because he had an interest in the Acts of the Apostles from his time teaching at Kimmage Mission Institute. “I saw it as the most missionary book in that part of the Bible.” As the second book written by St Luke, Fr Tom said he believed the Evangelist wrote it to encourage gentile Christian communities who were going through a time of change, transition and crisis, more than 50 years after the death and resurrection of Jesus. “They were still trying to figure out who they were and where they fitted into a community that was predominantly Jewish.”

“The mission was hard. They were meeting opposition; it wasn’t as easy as they thought it would be. And they were having very little success. So, they were losing their missionary nerve. They were asking questions about God: ‘Is God really with us or not as we face difficult times; as we face an uncertain future, will God be there for us?'” Fr Tom felt, “Luke wanted to encourage them – he tells them that they find their identity and their security in God’s plans for them; God doesn’t give up on mission, so if God doesn’t give up, then you shouldn’t give up.”

Source: ICN

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