Obituary Notice

It is with sadness that we inform you of the death in Freshfield at 19.45 hrs on Sunday, 8th January 2017, aged 92, of bishop Colin Davies mhm after a long illness.

“I was with Colin when he died quietly and peacefully at 7.45 yesterday evening. A family friend was also there and was able to stay in touch with the family in Argentina through the internet”. (Tom O'Brien mhm)

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Four Personal Vignettes of Marehemu Bishop Colin Davies, MHM

Joseph G. Healey MM

In the 1970s when I needed a weekend break from the busy activities of the AMECEA Bishops’ Office in Nairobi, Kenya, Bishop Davies would invite me to his Ngong Residence. I would walk the Ngong Hills and then have English high tea and a pleasant conversation with the bishop. The teapot was covered with a “cozy” (a new English word for me that referred to a knitted covering made by his Mother).
In helping Bishop Davies on research on the Second Vatican Council for his books and talks, he pulled out these very precious little black notebooks with the notes that he made on the spot during the Third and Fourth Sessions of the Second Vatican Council in Rome in 1964-65. He commented on the bishops and theologians (like Congar and Chenu) that inspired him and the hardliner Roman Curial folks that didn’t want change. He was amazed that all the bishops signed the final 16 documents in the hall on the last full day of the council – 7 December, 1965.
The Journals Librarian at Tangaza University College in Nairobi, Kenya and I drove out to Bishop Davies’ Ngong Residence where we selected books, magazines and printed materials from his personal library that he wanted to donate to the Tangaza Library. He reminisced on how these materials represented 60 years of his pastoral life, reading and reflection in East Africa.
In his final years in Nairobi, Kenya we had long conversations on the future of the Catholic Church. I was inspired by Bishop Davies’ prophetic vision of the option of married priests in the Roman Rite for “pressing pastoral reasons.” He wrote a challenging article: “A Call to Action on Eucharistic Hunger – Now! Making the Eucharist Available to All Baptized People as the Bread of Eternal Life.”