It is with regret that we inform you of the death on the 21st day of February, 2021 in Herberthaus, Brixen at the age of 84       

Brother Karl Dallasega

Mill Hill Missionary

May he rest in peace

Karl was born on the 30th of January, 1937 in the village of Proveis, in Trent, Italy. He was born into a large family that would eventually number five brothers and six sisters. His father was Johann Dallasega, a farmer, and his mother was Lidurina Dallasega, nee Valorz.

            Karl’s early, primary education was in his local Primary School (1944-1950). For his Secondary School, he studied at the Vinzentinum School in Brixen, Italy, from 1950 to 1956. As his secondary education was coming to completion, Karl felt called to be a Brother of Mill Hill. Consequently, he transferred to Sint Josef’s School in Brixen, as a Brother candidate. Found to be a suitable candidate, he was then promoted to the Brothers’ Training Centre at Oosterbeek in the Netherlands in 1957. As part of his training and formation, Karl was appointed to Saint Joseph’s College, Mill Hill, London from 1960 to 1962, where he joined the maintenance team and continued his education. In 1962, he was appointed back to St. Josef’s Missionshuis in Brixen, where he remained until 1973 serving the community faithfully and diligently. Karl returned to the Brothers’ Training Centre to take the Perpetual Oath on the Feast of Saint Joseph, the 19th of March, 1964.

            After almost a decade working in St. Josef’s Missionshuis in Brixen tending the garden and farm, and helping to edit and distribute the “Missionsbote” magazine of the German speaking region of our Society, Karl was appointed to work in our Mill Hill College in Dartry in Dublin, Ireland. However, this appointment fell through and was never taken up. Instead, Karl followed another course from Saint Joseph’s College, in preparation to take up an appointment in Cameroon. In June, 1974 he was appointed to work in the Diocese of Buea, Cameroon. For the next twenty-one years Karl laboured faithfully. While in Cameroon, Karl was a member of staff in the Bota Procure of the Diocese, where he was greatly appreciated by our Members and Associates there. A particular service Karl offered from Bota was the running of a book service. Again, this was very much appreciated. Karl remained in his post in spite of two violent attacks on the Procure by robbers, the inconvenience and threat of road-blocks and the unstable political situation. By October, 1995 Karl was appointed from Cameroon to the German Speaking Region. Before taking up his new appointment in Absam, he first followed a Renewal Course in Hawkstone Hall, run by the Redemptorists. By May 1996 He was in place in his new appointment, where again he put his administrative skills to great use. By October 1998 he was appointed to work in Brixen. In early January of 1999 Karl was appointed back to Buea Diocese in his beloved Cameroon. He was initially appointed there for three years, however, he managed to stay for almost seven! On the threshold of his seventieth year, Karl was appointed “Home” to the German Speaking Region of the Society, where he became involved again in Promotion and Organising works.

            On the occasion of Karl’s jubilee of Perpetual Membership of our missionary society, the General Council wrote, “Sincere thanks for the service you have given to the people with whom and for whom you worked so diligently during your years as a missionary Brother. Your efficiency and pleasantness are certainly appreciated by our Members and Associates, as well as the people of the local Church (Cameroon).” Karl celebrated his Golden Jubilee in 2014. Sadly, he had just returned to Herberthaus from hospital where he fought off pneumonia and the Covid-19 virus. Karl will be buried in Brixen Cemetery after his requiem Mass in Saint Michael’s parish church at on Wednesday the 24th of February, 2021. May he rest in peace.