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October Extraordinary Mission Month- World Mission Church!

Simply put, we are the world’s encounter with God. We are God’s gift to the world. And when we act otherwise, we are betraying our vocation.

So, how should we act? Does being the incarnation of God’s mission today mean we should be God’s recruiting agents?

No. Jesus did not proselytize. Usually when he healed and forgave people, he did not tell them to join him and his followers; he told them to get on with their lives with a new sense of God’s love, and gratitude for it. Proselytizing, corralling people into the Church, is inner-directed, focused ultimately upon us, the Church.

Jesus evangelized. That is different from recruiting. He did call followers, but only those he expected to join him in evangelizing.

Our call to be united with Christ in baptism is precisely like that. My call, your call, our call is the exact same call given to Peter, James and John.

Each of us is the presence of God the Son showing God’s love to the world. That is not limited to a special caste, cast or career. It is not something for “missionaries” or clergy or religious. It is who we are.

Source: UCANews

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