Oosterbeek, The Netherlands: Celebrating this Year’s Jubilarians

The Mill Hill Missionary community at Missiehuis Vrijland today, Sunday 12th July, celebrated this year’s batch of jubiliarians.

They are:

Fr Gerard van der Laar             75
Fr Joseph Boekema                   70
Fr Kees Koning                           65
Bro Jan de Groot                        65
Sr Christa Oprins osco              65
Fr Henny Wehkamp                 60
Bro Fons Borgman                    60
Sr Nicola Haarhuis fmsj           60

Covid-19 obliging the festivities were kept low key without the participation of family and friends.

From the Mass booklet:

“What do we labour for and for what purpose do we sacrifice our strength and health, our time and our thoughts to the daily grind?
What happens to all everyday work?
What happens to the work to which we devote our powers day and night, until death cashes the rest?
“God’s eyes look at faith,” says the Bible.
God sees and accepts what is done and sacrificed.
And perhaps in the world to come we will find that our actions have also grown fruitful, perhaps in places we never thought of.
And probably there, where we secretly wanted to contribute to his work with our small strength. ”

Jörg Zink

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