Oosterbeek, The Netherlands: Change of Guard

Yesterday, August 15th, Dutch Regional Martien van Leeuwen handed over the leadership baton to a new leadership team led by newly elected regional superior, Ben Engelbertink.

Martien and his team served for an exceptionally long period – nine years in all – and guided the Dutch region through some critical transitions, principal among those the sale of Missiehuis Vrijland.

The new team consisting of Ben Engelbertink (Regional), Jac Hetsen, Toos Beentjes, Theo Geurtsen and Ko Klaver looks set to confidently guide the rapidly shrinking Dutch membership of the Mill Hill Missionaries through the next stages of transition exploring ways of missionary presence in line with the current state of the membership.

We wish them wisdom, energy and an abundant share of the Spirit.

Always creative, Ben Beemster, graced the occasion with a humorous song and ditto limericks:

Herbert Vaughan, the cardinal said: it doesn’t matter WHO
does the job, provided it serve the many and the few.
So whoever has a jubilee to celebrate:
here’s to you, dear friend, dear mate. Glory…

Diseases tropical, leprous, tse-tse, even malaria,
never were we spared them: now see darnèd “C’oroNA”.
Let’s in spite of all temptations try be “resiste/ant”,
spreading our dear Society’s scent.    

Mill Hill men and maidens-some-from ev’ry tropical shore,
see them colouring our ranks, the message as before.
Cowboy-like, with flair and gusto, they fear no bush nor lure,
on with Jesus’ trail, for sure. Glory…

Footnote 2 limericks

  1. We’ve now a re-elected General and his men –
    his regional assitant is a Tukker called Ben.
    All of us trained in temptations,
    never mind other *f congregations.
    We’re proud to be at your orders, wherever or when. Lalala…
  2. Sorry, I’m sometimes a pure bloody fool:
    Als je denkt aan MARTIEN at our helm 9 years full.
    Ik bedank hem namens allen – Binnenkort zal’k mezelf hier stallen.
    Thank you plenty, good man, sahib, laapolun, munnange, ssebo mukulu… Jouw tact en finesse scheelde our Society ‘n heleboel. Lalala…
Martien, Ben

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