22nd February 2020

Oosterbeek, The Netherlands: Presentation Mission-Art Calendar Featuring Works by Mill Hill Missionary Artist Kees Breed

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Another event in the developing story of the exciting artistic legacy of Fr Kees Breed, a Mill Hill missionary active in The Philippines, who died in December 2017.

Today, Wednesday 13th November, the Dutch Master Painters together with the Mill Hill Missionaries in The Netherlands marked the start of the Brederoc Year with the presentation of a magnificent Mission-Art Calendar.

A sizeable gathering of resident Mill Hill missionaries and friends including two sisters and a brother-in-law of the missionary artist, Fr Kees Breed aka Brederoc, witnessed the event.

Speaking on behalf of the Dutch Master Painters – an organisation whose core philosophy is pretty simple: ‘we try to represent the artists through a combination of traditional and modern means, such as exhibition, video etc – Ms Gisela in het Veld introduced the audience to what she famously called ‘a real barn find’.

She recalled how in May 2018 herself and Dutch Master Painters co-founder, Bert van Gerwen, came to Oosterbeek at the invitation of regional superior Martien van Leeuwen mhm. The latter took them to the attic at Missiehuis Vrijland where the sizeable collection of paintings (500) and other artwork by Brederoc was being kept. They were bowled over at the sight of the quality and variety of the artwork stored there: ‘We could not believe our eyes! Exciting portraits, landscapes, still lives, all in vivid colours and painted in a characteristic personal style, drawings and etches’.

 Since then the Dutch Master Painters have set to work to catalogue the collection and bring this hidden treasure into the public domain.

A video presentation entitled ‘In search of Brederoc’ was the first visible result of their enterprising ‘excavation’. A well-rounded portrait of Kees Breed, the missionary, writer and painter/artist, who died in December 2017, is slowly emerging. A well written autobiography and countless articles written for ‘Impact’, the periodical he founded in the Philippines complete the legacy.

The Brederoc Year promises to develop into an exciting experience of the Brederoc legacy including two exhibitions – in Kasteel Aldenghoor/Haelen (former Mill Hill formation house) and Museum Tongerlohuys in Roosendaal –  with a catalogue, a documentary film, conferences, a dedicated website, and a yearly Mission-Art calendar.

‘Mill Hill is being firmly put on the map again’ – Martien van Leeuwen mhm

Fons Eppink mhm

View paintings by Brederoc on FLICKR


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