Oosterbeek, The Netherlands: Out-of-the Ordinary Regional Day

On this beautiful autumn day, Wednesday 5th October, most of the Mill Hillers of the Dutch Region gathered, indeed most in the autumn of their lives, to discuss the future of the congregation, as expressed at the Mill Hill General Chapter in May-June of this year.

One of the important experiences was the meeting of young and old, young Mill Hillers in the South, older Mill Hillers in the North. These were encounters breathing a spirit great respect for each other, a meeting of brothers and sisters, representing a global unity.

In the afternoon, we said goodbye to Martien van Leeuwen, our retiring regional, in the presence of many guests who sang his praises, not least in the Society’s signature tune: “For he is a Mill Hill man”. An important theme of the Chapter was experienced here and emphasized by the new regional Ben Engelbertink, namely the unity and cooperation that has arisen between Mill Hillers and people in their surroundings.

Ben Engelbertink MHM

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