Pakistan: Christianity in Decline?

The title of this article may not please some in the Catholic Church hierarchy but that’s what Pakistan’s Bureau of Statistics claimed when it revealed the report of the sixth Population and Housing Census-2017 on May 18.

Christians make up 1.27 percent of Pakistan’s population of 207.68 million. In 1998, the official estimate of the figure was 1.59 percent. In 1947, when modern Pakistan was formed, non-Muslims made up 23 percent with 27 million people.

While the analysts worry about the country’s exploding population, church leaders should worry about the fleeing faithful. Without going into the rhetoric of discrimination and misuse of blasphemy laws, let us read another story from the May 18 edition of Daily Samaa, an Urdu periodical published in Lahore.

Source: UCANews

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  1. Certainly, the idea of girls marrying Muslims for a better life must have a huge effect.
    Christian girls are also more likely to be educated because of their protected upbringing – whereas boys are allowed to roam and play cricket. A Christian girl with a Masters degree isn’t going to be allowed to marry a Christian boy with just a school leaving certificate. Parents want what is best for their daughters and to the advantage of their family. So, perhaps education is the key.

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