Pakistan: Contemporary Christian Martyrs Go Unrecognised

Fate is prejudiced towards Christians in Pakistan. Perhaps just like the government, fate was designed to be brutal to Christians in Pakistan. In almost every other way, fate made it obvious to everyone the classification and stratification of Christians upon the standards of this biased taxonomy.

Pakistani Christian face fanatic attacks quite regularly.  In 1997, Shanti Nagar was reduced to a heap of ashes, Gojra was singed to debris in 2009, Youhanabad was glazed by silent flames in 2015, Kot Radha Kishan witnessed havoc when a Christian couple was lynched after being accused of blasphemy in 2014. The Quetta Church blast in 2017 turned the house of God into a slaughterhouse of Christians, the Gulshan park bombing on Easter Sunday of 2016 left 75 dead including some 25 children. In June this year, a church in Faisalabad church was attacked by some six armed men.

All these are reported incidents of persecution along with many other unreported cases of injustice and yet not a single martyr or hero is acknowledged from all these incidents.

Source: UCANews

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