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Pakistan: Kidnappings, Forced Conversions Human Rughts Issue – Cardinal Coutts

“We are citizens of Pakistan and the law is the same for every citizen of Pakistan; it is the State’s responsibility to ensure justice for its citizens,” said Cardinal Joseph Coutts of Pakistan. “The issue of kidnapping, forced conversions and forced marriages should be dealt with on the basis of fundamental human rights, rather than making it a religious issue,” he told a meeting held on November 19 at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in Karachi. The Cardinal, who is Archbishop of Karachi said, “It is the responsibility of the State to provide protection, to ensure justice to every citizen, without distinction of creed, culture, ethnicity and social class.” 

The diocesan branch of the National Commission of Justice and Peace organized the meeting to discuss the recent case of Arzoo Raja and other Christian minors kidnapped and forced to convert and marry their Muslim captors. 

Source: Vatican News

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