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Pakistan – Mill Hill Missionaries from South and North Meet in Rawalpindi

Pakistan, Mill Hill Joint Gathering:  ‘That They May Have Life In Abundance’.

Rawalpindi, 2nd-5th March 2020

A great moment came when the members of Pakistan mission came together to reflect, share and pray  for each other, for mission and in a special way for the Mill Hill General Chapter which is to be held in few months time.

This special gathering implied that the members in the South (Hyderabad Diocese, Sindh Province) had to travel a long distance to the North (Rawalpindi). Despite the long and tiring journey by train from the south to the north of Pakistan, it was such a wonderful moment when all the members present met and shared the joys and struggles in mission.

The members began by listening to an input by Alexandro (A Focolare working in Rawalpindi). He based his reflection on the Mill Hill Pre-chapter theme, that they may have life in abundance. This was a great kick-off and it gave us the strength during this special time of gathering.

From the joint meeting, members from South and North acknowledged and appreciated the efforts and the zeal in reaching out to the people of God in both regions. Just to mention  a few: the aspects discussed on the first day were the current situation of mission in Pakistan, ministries and priorities by paying attention to the plan for the future, MEP students, security, and visa issues. On the second day, the attention was on MHM Pakistan safeguarding guidelines, future planning and the recommendations for the coming General Chapter.

It was worth noting that currently, the Pakistan Mission consists of  members from Ireland (2), Kenya (2), Philippines (5), England (1), Netherlands (1), Italy (1), Uganda (1), and two MEP students (one from Cameroon and the other from Malaysia). Though quite small in numbers, we are grateful for the effort of the new appointments and still hope that this number will increase. Thanks to the e-Visa application system which, of recent, has proved to be reliable and effective.

With Archbishop Joseph Arshad

On the 4th March 2020, some of the members had a chance to visit the Archbishop of Islamabad-Rawalpindi diocese, Joseph Arshad, who appreciated the work of Mill Hill Missionaries at the moment and even those who laid the foundation. It was wonderful having the MHM invitation for dinner with the Archbishop.

On 5th March, 2020, the young MHM members had a meeting in Westridge, which was a moment to be together too, to share our joys and challenges.

Despite the security issues in the North of Pakistan, Richard Anguyo was greatly thanked for having made all the logistics successful.

Zachaeus Okoth Adet MHM

Young Members

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