Pakistan: National Minorities Day Convention Raises it Voice

“I assure you we all have a very strong feeling about it and even shared it at the very first introductory meeting. A strong commission backed by financial support can help future members deliver. With the support of civil society organizations, we can make it more active.”

David was speaking on Aug. 11 via video link at a National Minorities Day convention titled “Democracy versus Tyranny of Majority” at a hotel in Lahore. The National Commission for Justice and Peace, the Catholic Church’s human rights body in Pakistan, jointly organized the event with local rights organizations.

The organizers invited fewer than 100 participants as hotels and restaurants open for public gatherings must follow social distancing measures amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

The speakers expressed deep concern over the escalation of violence against religious minorities and the institutionalization of religious and sectarian intolerance, referring to recent legislation by the Punjab Assembly on the protection of Islam and the Punjab Textbook and Curriculum Board.

Source: UCANews

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