Pakistan: Research Reveals Important Differences in Level of Inclusion Between Religious Minorities

The Center for Law and Justice, a Lahore-based NGO that that works for the environment and social justice, released “The Index of Religious Diversity and Inclusion in Pakistan” on Feb. 28 at Forman Christian College in Lahore. The research was based on interviews with 100 respondents from non-Muslim communities.

Asif Aqeel, the Christian author of the report, claims his findings make the study the first of its kind.

“Religious minorities are a heterogeneous group. They are diverse in their faith, culture, history, economic status, educational level, racial profiling, level of social acceptance and geographic dispersion, etc.

Most one-size-fits-all statements and recommendations on all these communities are often incorrect,” he told UCA News.“Pakistanis Parsees are not seeking asylum abroad. Most Christians do not vote for their community members contesting elections on general seats. But the situation for upper-caste Hindus in Sindh province is different.”

Source: UCANews

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