Pakistan: Sindh Province Badly Hit by Coronavirus

Officials in Pakistan’s Sindh province have reached out to minority leaders in a bid to combat the coronavirus that has badly hit the country’s southern region. The move came as Pakistan saw its biggest daily spike of Covid-19 cases on March 16. According to federal and provincial health officials, the number of coronavirus cases jumped from 33 to 183 within 48 hours and many of these were in Sindh.

“The total number of people affected by coronavirus in Sindh has reached 146. Out of this, 119 are Zaireen [Shia pilgrims] who are being kept in Sukkur, 26 are in Karachi and one is in Hyderabad. This exponential increase is largely due to the recent inflow of people from Taaftaan [Pakistan-Iran border crossing] after a purported quarantine,” Murtaza Wahab, the Sindh government’s spokesman, tweeted.

Source: UCANews

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